WordPress, SEO, and the Psychology of Online Entrepreneurship at WordPress Sofia Meetup

WordPress Sofia Meetup March 2024
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At the intersection of web development, design, and open-source enthusiasm lies the vibrant community of WordPress Sofia Meetup. On the 13th of March, our founder, Kalin Karakehayov, took over the stage and the whole room with his insights on WordPress, SEO, and the psychology of online entrepreneurship.

WordPress Sofia Meetup: Local Free Events for WordPress Fans

The hall of WordPress Sofia Meetup March 2024

The WordPress Sofia Meetup isn’t just a gathering; it’s a convergence of minds, a place where web developers, designers, content creators, and publishers unite to share knowledge, experiences, and camaraderie. These free monthly meetups, open to all WordPress enthusiasts, serve as a cornerstone for collaborative learning and networking.

Each meetup in Sofia brings forth a unique format—be it lectures, workshops, or thematic community meetings. From WordPress developers and designers to WooCommerce online store owners, every session offers a plethora of insights and opportunities. Amidst the structured sessions, the networking segment thrives, fostering informal exchanges and collective growth.

Insights from WordPress Sofia Meetup Co-Organizer, Nick Krastev

Kalin and Nick, the organizer of WordPress Sofia Meetup March 2024

Nick Krastev shared that despite challenges like competing events and health concerns, Kalin’s session attracted around 100 registrations and 80+ attendees — an unprecedented record.

The audience found Kalin’s lecture fascinating and the proof of this was a 30-minute Q&A session afterward, which further enriched the discussion and the knowledge shared between the attendees and the speaker.

Kalin shared things he hadn’t shared with the general public before, such as significant events from his life and work routine. He gave many examples and recommendations and in general, a lot of added value, which colleagues in the industry rarely share. He talked about WordPress, domains, opportunities, and the importance of our health and mental state.

WordPress Sofia Meetup March 2024 Q&A Session

A Glimpse into Attendees’ Experiences

Kalin’s lecture was extremely helpful! It is wonderful to have access to the psychology and perceptions of such a successful person who has experience in various areas like SEO, domains, and WordPress. The knowledge and insights that Kalin shared provoked much of the audience to think about what he said. I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn new things and, reading between the lines, to ask myself a series of questions that will help me improve myself as a person and a professional!

Todor Pulev, Startup advisor & SEO Expert
WordPress Sofia Meetup March 2024 Networking

Kalin Karakehayov’s lecture, “WordPress, SEO and the Psychology of Online Entrepreneurship”, was extremely exciting and informative. His deep knowledge and practical advice opened up new perspectives for me. Inspired by his lecture, I started rethinking and optimizing my web projects. Certainly, the lecture proved extremely valuable, providing me with the tools and motivation to advance in the field of SEO services.

Nikifor Stoyanov, All in design
The audience at WordPress Sofia Meetup March 2024

In Bulgaria’s eventful digital calendar throughout the year, few people offer such a high utility factor as Kalin’s public lectures. In general, his ability to collect in-depth information from the first person and present it in a compelling way to the audience is unique. Thanks for sharing your experience and we hope to see you soon.

Yavor Simeonov, Developer

Image credits: WordPress Sofia Meetup

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