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Our clients have acquired 13,131 domains
with a total of 1,518,616 referring domains
for a total of 1.6 Million USD.
All domains ever owned by SEO Domains
have received 135,960,000 unique visits
since we started in 2014.
Solid domains. Huge inventory. Excellent service. What more could you ask for?

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How does Seo.Domains own and sell 15,000+ expired domain names with authority and links?

Seo.Domains is a subsidiary of, a fast-growing 50+ people domain company.

This helps with 2/3 parts of our mission to deliver authority expired domains to you at prices not dependent on auctions:

  1. Knowing all the good domains that will expire in advance (our database covers 99% of every existing or expired domain with any links). Yes, every name that every crawler/scraper will ever find, we already know about.
  2. Registering (dropcatch) them milliseconds after they become available again. The investment needed in this alone is over a million USD.

And what is part 3?

Part 3 is evaluating it all beforehand. Yes, all 250,000+ expiring or auctioned domains each day. Of course, we need big fat Majestic and Ahrefs accounts + SEO skills for this but... we have them too.

WTF, a domaining company with SEO skills? Aren't domainers sleazy brokers with zero SEO knowledge?

Well... we used to build PBNs, sell backlinks and SEO services for 8+ years and in that time, grew a nice SEO team. After naming ourselves a startup and getting in an accelerator we founded Edoms (under the name Tool.Domains) in 2014 as a domain company since it sounded more high-tech-startupy than an SEO service company. After 2 years of trial and error in the domain industry we realized... wait a minute... we suck less in the combination of those 2 than anyone in the world!

This realization brought us to the intersection where Seo.Domains was born: Evaluation and dropcatching of SEO domains. Since then, we've spent all our time evaluating and catching and have already sold about 12,000 domains and still have 15,000 ready to buy expired domains in our inventory. Every one of them was evaluated by a human and most were caught between 0.05 and 0.5 seconds after expiration. They were never seen by any expired domain scraper software.

Is there not a single other company good at both SEO and domain catching in the world?

It's hard to believe, but actually no. We have local competitors in most countries but no real global analogue. The reason is:

  • Domainers suck at SEO. It's got neither the pure sales focus nor the perfect predictable mechanics of the domain world. For some it's too technical. For the rest it's not technical enough. No one really gets how come it's in the IT world and it's not exact science. So domainers understand SEO as much as say, graphic designers or astronomers.
  • SEOs suck at domaining. It's boring as hell. Endless technicalities that just cause problems when trying to build a simple PBN. Who needs Whois and why can't I just opt out? And how come when I want to buy an ordinary .com I'm asked for 200k? There is no place to get properly educated like the beautiful SEO and affiliate courses out there.

Why do you mostly offer ccTLD (country) SEO domains like instead of .com, .net, .org?

So we can offer you PBN domains at the same high quality at about half the auction prices, in some cases 3-4 times cheaper!

As demand and auction prices at places like Godaddy and Namejet continue to rise, our expired domains marketplace service will remain the only affordable one as our expired + expiring domains database and know-how are incredibly hard to replicate even with a lot of money. This makes us your perfect long-term high authority PBN domains provider and it doesn't matter if you want to buy expired domains for $30 or domains for affiliate SEO of money sites for $500 - we have enough of both on our expired domains list!

But what is the actual difference between .com, .net, .org and ccTLDs when buying expired domains?

For you it's almost non-existent, there are some minor pros and cons (covered in this expired domains video guide and below) but in the end if it's for a PBN, it's just a domain, you put a website on it and the name and extension hardly matter. Strong authority backlinks matter.

Like everything, there are pros and cons in the details and it depends on the extension - TLDs vary from brilliant (better than .com) to a bit shitty. That said:

  • Many ccTLD domains are cheaper than .com and the trend is for more to get cheaper while .com prices slowly rise.
  • Most ccTLD domains don't have restrictions (not even the annoying .com email confirmation) and if they do we know a legal and cheap way around it.
  • Many don't have all data in the Whois which makes it easier to hide your PBN from Google. Many don't have Whois at all!
  • Most importantly we know everything about them and will be helpful and transparent about it with you.

But then what is the difference for you, why do you have more ccTLDs?

Because we have access to all data for expiring domains, we know of what goes where and if we can catch it. There are different business models in this but one is our main enemy - auctions. Getting auction domains below market price is time consuming and impossible to scale. It doesn't matter if the auctions are pre-drop auctions like Godaddy or after the domain is dropped like, if there is an auction, we (mostly) don't play. But we play in every ccTLD, country, price segment humanly possible, trying currently to secure for you 40% of all expiring domains with value. Our goal is to make this 70% (the 30% that go to auctions we can do nothing about).

As ccTLDs can go to auction but usually don't, and they are more messy and data is scarce, our model results in us having more ccTLD domains. This does not make any significant difference to you.

Can ccTLD expired domains be used for US SEO?

If your SEO targets Google USA keep in mind is not only your Google but also the world's Google and all domains and countries are equal there. Just avoid buying domains from conflicting English-speaking countries (eg.

What you don’t know about expired domains: Explained

SEO Domains

SEO.Domains — the number one user of Majestic worldwide

Is your model sustainable, dropcatching competition should be rising?

It is rising but we're holding our ground for now. Every time you buy an expired domain from us, we invest the money in better dropcatching. This means more caught domains, more choice and better prices for you in the future. Other than the rare domain sellers, when catching ccTLDs we compete largely with SEO agencies in the local country. Whenever they catch a domain it's used (not resold) reducing the expired domains market supply and prices go up for you, the buyer. So if you're not a catcher, the global success (or fail) of our unique model and your future supply (or lack) of expired domains are connected. We're on the same team :)

What unique knowledge does Seo.Domains rely on?

My name is Kalin I did a lot of SEO from 2007 to 2014. Expired domains have been the core work of my life in the last 7 years. I no longer follow SEO trends and couldn't tell you shit about local search or microformats. But for each country the size of Macedonia or Albania not only we have built a database of almost all domains with SEO value but I know:

  • Domain extension and registration price;
  • Тhe best registrar for the ccTLD;
  • 3rd level domains and which ones are allowed to register;
  • Whois formats/problems/limits, domain drop policy, reseller APIs;
  • Аvailability check options, backorder options, and if any of ~20 potential problems may occur.

All this information is hopelessly useless at cocktail parties but it makes us beasts in dropcatching (and means domain scrapers/crawlers/hunters get no chance to capitalize on a broken link to the domain, so we're reshaping the expired domains market).

Why trust you for buying domains for PBN SEO?

Testimonials from clients that we did not ask for:

SEO Domains

What about your team?

I'm far from alone - Seo.Domains is team of 30+ people, many of them are good in SEO and evaluate domains but more importantly they have unheard-of skills such as:

  • Building expiring domain droplists from scratch with no zone file and no Whois/expire date;
  • Filling endless forms and running EPP tests, so we are a domain registrar in any TLD;
  • Coding bots to bid at the last possible moment at unknown local actions;
  • Finding backorder services for Kazakhstan (and similar countries) domains;

We have stronger and weaker (due to stronger competition of SEO agencies or more auctions) countries but our general rule is: if we find a good PBN/high authority domain well below the market price we chase and catch it so we can sell it to you with profit but still below market price. And our knowledge of the details for catching in all countries makes us the only truly global SEO domains provider. After us, there is nothing good left and if you think there is, your criteria are either lower than ours or you have very narrow niche requirements (we would leave behind an ugly bugs blog with 5 links but if you are in the pest control niche it could work for you).

If your PBN domains are not the .com .net .org domains from auctions, are they "expired" (as in "SEO value killed by Google and not good")?

A fair question that unfortunately has a very technical answer so bear with me - the line between non-expired and expired domains is only clear with .com/net/org/info/biz domains - there it's very easy for Google (an ICANN registrar) to query the Whois and see creation date.

As our SEO domains are almost entirely ccTLDs (country domains like where ICANN registrars don't have any special powers, it's unclear whether or not Google fights Whois limits to be able to tell creation date of a domain. UK registry Nominet allows 1000 checks a day per IP and some other countries have a limit of 50 checks a day. Would Google allocate thousands of IPs to make Whois checks and build a system to detect and avoid Whois bans? Would they pay hundreds of thousands a year to DomainTools for this data? Both are possible but I consider very unlikely. In UK pre-drop auctions are forbidden so all domains are expired. Does this mean expired domains are not used successfully for PBN? Not at all, they are used in UK SEO for PBN all the time.

Everything above applies only to countries with a Whois server that returns a creation date. As there are no regulations about this, every country has its own policy for Whois, .de .es and many others don't have a creation date or don't have a Whois server at all. So Google really doesn't have a clue.

So, in the end, it's up to you. If you are more paranoid and think Google checks Whois of and the others that have it (though data shows otherwise), you can always stick to the countries that Google cannot see the creation date for. As a bonus your domain registrant data is hidden from Google too, you will not have to worry about fake data or pay for privacy - you have your real data (and real email to receive expiration notifications) but Google cannot see it. If you are interested which are these nice countries for PBN domains, we're always ready to help.

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Why not just scrape/crawl/hunt for expired domains for PBN?

Scraping, hunting, whatever you call it is coming to an end as something you do yourself whatever the software. We know about almost all existing, expiring and expired domains (at least 99% of the ones with SEO value), have registered anything really good (even if it existed from say 1999 to 2004) and monitor all drops of any SEO value. Good and available .com, .net, .org domains are long gone, .ca,, .de, .fr .it etc. were all cleaned from anything worth it in the last 2 years. Small countries' good available domains are rapidly plucked out too. Whatever domain we miss or leave behind is taken by the industrial size scrapers that sell PBN domains in bulk.

The future belongs entirely to dropcatchers.

Scrapers (especially the ones searching for .com domains) remind me of this: “The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.” (Confucius) - when everything good is registered at the drop WTF are you searching for in competition with thousands of others like you?

Why not use Freshdrop, Register Compass,, and other providers of expiring/expired PBN domain lists?

These services (of which and are most popular) are well-made but you're missing the whole point - this would be like using most (but not all) of our database without the domain catching know-how and sharing the bounty with 10000+ users of the service in question. Would you consider it along with bidding at auctions? Sometimes you can find something good but in general it's a time sink compared to our 15,000 domains with buy now prices that are one click away from being yours with no competition or bids.

What if I already do localized SEO and need country domain(s) like or .de?

Then you just hit the jackpot by finding us. Keep us in secret. I'm serious, there is not enough good domains in each individual country for both you and the competition.

What SEO metrics for the expired domains do you show in the list?

  • Moz Domain authority (DA)
  • Referring domains (from Ahrefs)
  • Ahrefs domain rating
  • Majestic Citation Flow (CF)
  • Majestic Trust Flow (TF)
  • Monthly traffic
  • Category/Niche
  • Google indexed? (95% are)
  • Description + Notable links
  • Language of the former website
  • Date added (to help you check newly added ones)
  • Price (USD)

How do I get access to the list?

Leave your email below and you'll receive it. Won't be shared with anyone. We'll send you a freshly updated list from time to time.

Or register here and download or browse the list directly!