SEO Estonia 2024: Elevated SEO Game in Tallinn

The main stage of SEO Estonia 2024
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SEO Estonia 2024 took place from June 12-14 at the luxurious Hilton Hotel in the heart of Tallinn. Organized by Karl Kangur, Kyle Roof, and Timo Porval, this second edition of the conference brought together 250 attendees and 13 speakers, making it a premier event for SEO professionals seeking practical insights and actionable strategies.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

The event kicked off on June 12 with an exclusive mastermind session and a luxurious yacht dinner for VIP ticket holders, speakers, and sponsors. This intimate setting allowed for deep, meaningful connections among some of the best SEOs and marketers around the world. Attendees had the chance to learn new strategies, build relationships, and even find potential business partners.

Learn from the Best in the Industry

SEO Estonia 2024 hosted a lineup of 17 world-class speakers, including industry legends and first-time speakers. The focus was on delivering no-fluff, highly actionable presentations from professionals excelling in the real world.

Topics ranged from the latest Google leak, link building techniques for 2024, and digital PR, to management strategies in the SEO industry and AI applications.

Notable speakers included Mads Singers, Jason Barnard, Koray Tuğberk Gübür, Kasra Dash, Helene Jelenc, Vaibhav Kakkar, and Georgia Tan.

Q&A Session with Alex Drew at SEO Estonia 2024Alex Drew’s Q&A session on aged domains provided valuable insights into using them effectively in various scenarios, including 301 redirects.

Actionable Masterminds

SEO Estonia 2024 Mastermind Session

The conference featured two days of masterminds, where attendees were grouped with 4-6 peers to solve key business problems and keep each other accountable.

These sessions were designed to help attendees gain actionable ideas for growing their businesses and provided an invaluable platform for knowledge sharing and support.

A Memorable Experience

SEO Quiz at SEO Estonia 2024

The 13th of June marked the first official day of the conference, featuring six speakers and a mastermind event open to all attendees with Deluxe and above tickets.

In the evening, a scavenger hunt-style bar crawl took attendees through the old town of Tallinn, solving puzzles and taking fun photos until reaching the final networking party destination.

This unique experience facilitated business discussions, SEO strategies, and personal connections in a relaxed, engaging atmosphere.

The Grand Finale

People networking at SEO Estonia 2024

The conference concluded on June 14 with presentations from nine final speakers.

Following the sessions, attendees were treated to a closing party at a Michelin Guide venue, complete with networking opportunities, drinks, and entertainment.

The neon-themed party featured a neon make-up artist who transformed attendees into fairytale creatures, adding a magical touch to the evening.

SEO.Domains at SEO Estonia 2024

The SEO.Domains team had a significant presence at the conference, meeting with familiar faces, current clients, and new prospects.

We actively participated in mastermind groups, SEO quizzes and games, the scavenger hunt, and networking parties, thoroughly enjoying the experience while fostering valuable business connections.

Final Thoughts

SEO Estonia 2024 not only provided a wealth of new knowledge and insights but also facilitated the creation of lasting relationships and unforgettable memories.

The event’s blend of educational content, networking opportunities, and unique experiences solidified its status as a must-attend conference for SEO professionals.

As we look forward to next year’s event, the bar has been set high for another round of learning, networking, and inspiration.

Visual Recap

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