SERP Conf. 2023: Eastern Europe’s Premier SEO and Digital Marketing Conference

SERP Conf. 2023 Kalin's introduction
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SEO enthusiasts, E-commerce aficionados, and digital marketing gurus from around the world converged at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia for SERP Conf. 2023. This benchmark event, held on October 12, served as a vibrant hub for the industry’s elite professionals.

With an impressive lineup of speakers, panels, and discussions, the conference provided a platform for over 400 SEO and marketing experts from 25 countries spanning three continents to network, learn, and share their expertise.

The SERP Conf. 2023 Experience

Global Insights, Local Flavor

SERP Conf. 2023 welcomed attendees with the spirit of Bulgaria, complete with drums, bagpipes, and a strong sense of emotion. This unique blend of local culture and global expertise set the stage for an exceptional event.

SERP Conf. 2023 bagpipes performance

Lectures and Panels

The conference featured 14 influential lecturers representing three continents. Attendees had the privilege of participating in five panels, each accompanied by a Q&A session.

The panels covered various topics, including:

  • Technical SEO;
  • E-commerce SEO;
  • AI Trends;
  • Python Automations;
  • Discussion on the Future of SEO.
SERP Conf. 2023 AI discussion with Kalin and Koray

SEO Domains: A Golden Sponsor

We were proud to be a golden sponsor of SERP Conf. 2023, reaffirming our commitment to the growth and development of the SEO community in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

SERP Conf. 2023 SEO.Domains stand

Star-Studded Speakers

The conference hosted industry luminaries such as Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR, Craig Campbell, Olesia Korobka, Peter Nikolow, and our founder, Kalin Karakehayov. A special guest, Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the Chamber of Digital Economy in Poland, graced the event.

Kalin participated in a panel discussion alongside Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR from Holistic SEO & Digital. His lecture, “Quality and Quantity in the New AI SEO Era”, delved into the dynamics of AI in SEO, emphasizing the balance between quality and quantity in this evolving landscape.

SERP Conf. 2023 Kalin's presentation

The INDIT Blackhat Underground Party

The culminating event of SERP Conf., the INDIT Blackhat Underground Party, marked the perfect ending to a successful conference. SEO.Domains not only sponsored the event but also played a key role in its organization, collaborating closely with the SERP Conf. and Indit teams. Held in the iconic Fabrika 126, the venue was adorned with balloons and enchanting lighting, setting the stage for an evening of celebration.

The festive atmosphere was palpable, reflected in the beaming smiles of all the attendees. The guest list comprised conference participants, speakers, and organizers, creating a diverse and vibrant crowd. Across several halls, an expertly curated music selection provided the backdrop as people engaged in meaningful conversations, shared knowledge and experiences, and enjoyed themselves with a drink in hand.

SERP Conf. 2023 afterparty shot roulette

As the night unfolded, the partygoers reveled in the festivities, and the fact that many guests stayed well into the early hours attested to the exceptional mood of the event. The INDIT Blackhat Underground Party encapsulated the spirit of SERP Conf. – a combination of learning, networking, and celebration that left everyone with lasting memories.

Fusion of Global SEO Expertise and Local Hospitality

SERP Conf. 2023 proved to be a confluence of global SEO expertise and the warmth of Bulgarian hospitality. As the SEO community in Bulgaria continues to thrive, this event stands as a testament to its growth and its commitment to nurturing the local and international SEO landscape.

And guess what, tickets for SERP Conf. 2024 are already available!

Visual Recap

Image credits: Official SERP Conf. photos & personal archive

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