What Does the Majestic Trust Flow SEO Metric Mean

What Does the Majestic Trust Flow SEO Metric Mean
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SEO metrics do matter greatly for both Google and webmasters. We SEOs need ways to examine the power of a website, and this is where metrics like Trust Flow come in handy.

What is Trust Flow?

Trust Flow is a metric introduced by Majestic SEO – a software tool for search engine optimization. Having in mind that this one is all about backlinks, unlike other SEO tools, its main purpose is to measure the effect of backlinks on your website and its rankings. Majestic’s Trust Flow metric reflects the quality of backlinks to your domain. As the quality of backlinks comes mainly from the quality of the referring domains, one would expect Trust Flow to be a domain-wide metric, just like Google recognizes trust on a domain level. However, that’s not what Majestic SEO engineers thought. Majestic’s Trust Flow is an URL-level SEO metric, which is different for the pages on one domain, much like Google’s Pagerank.

How to Use Majestic’s Trust Flow Metric?

You can use the Trust Flow metric to examine how good or bad a domain actually is, and decide whether you can use it to your advantage when ranking your website. Trust Flow can also show you how authoritative your own website is, based on its backlinks and referring domains. Trust Flow shows the strength of a particular URL/page on your website and not that of the entire domain. This causes the main weakness of Trust Flow, otherwise a good SEO metric – it often gets heavily inflated by sitewide links from one domain with a lot of internal pages with high Trust Flow. Luckily that’s easy to spot – if all 5 top backlinks in Majestic SEO come from one domain name (homepage + 4 subpages), it’s a safe bet your Trust Flow is inflated. Trust Flow works very well combined with Referring Domains as an SEO metric. You already know that having many quality backlinks to your site will increase its rankings. A good number of authoritative sites pointing to your domain is much better than thousands of links from just one place.

Other SEO Metrics and Tactics to Have in Mind

Besides Trust Flow, Majestic SEO has another metric – Citation Flow. You can learn more about it in our designated post on it. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for authoritative websites to increase the strength of your own, we have the world’s largest supply of good aged PBN domains! If you already know domains for Private Blog Network are what you need, contact us!

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