Why Expired Domains? A Fresh Take on PBNs and SEO Link Building

How are expired domains connected to PBNs and link building
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Have you ever wondered what are PBNs and whether you can use them as part of your SEO tactics? Do you know how expired domains can help you boost your website’s rankings? This post will answer your questions on these topics and give you a fresh perspective on both.

What are PBNs

PBN stands for a private blog network, or simply a network of websites you can use to increase your sites’ rankings. They’re usually old websites or blogs with strong metrics (determined by tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic, or Moz) and value, gained from their many historical backlinks. PBNs can be pretty useful in your efforts to rank a website. They pass authority in the form of links to one or more sites, under your control.

Why is Link Building so Important for SEO

Link building is SEO. SEO is marketing. Marketing is for making money. So Link Building should be understood in the economic context of making money or at least not spending too much. If you find a way to make link building for free or even make money, it’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Let’s remember the golden rule: Rich people acquire assets; The poor acquire liabilities.

On the web, the main asset is a website. Having a website is like having a small but constant cash flow without risk. In real life, if you have a spare apartment you can rent it and make money. On the other hand, if you have nowhere to live you have to pay rent every month (a liability). It’s the same with backlinks. If you pay for them one time (paid blog posts, public blog networks, etc.), you have no control over them, and in case of a manual penalty from Google, you can’t remove them. It’s better for your SEO to rent links and pay for their existence every month but then you have a classical economic liability. On the other hand, if you have spare websites, you can not only make your own link building and/ or SEO cheaper but you can exchange or sell (rent) links to other webmasters.

How to Use PBNs to Your Advantage

We have case studies where we successfully ranked the client’s website and made extra money from our supporting websites by selling extra backlinks. Talk about a win-win! So using supporting websites and Private blog networks (PBN) is not just an SEO strategy. It’s a money-making strategy and a very good one. And there is no other SEO strategy that can help you make extra money while being 100% ethical.

There is just one problem – if your supporting websites/blogs are on new domains, then your whole PBN has zero value. Pagerank/link juice algorithm requires a value to flow in, in order for value to flow out. So you absolutely need domains with quality natural backlinks (linking your own PBN blogs from questionable spammy sources like blog and forum comments, directories and social bookmarking is not a good idea since it doesn’t help that much, takes time, and leaves footprints for Google to spot).

So for the most cost-effective SEO strategy (with control over your own backlinks) that can even result in you earning money, rather than spending, you need quality aged expired domains. In another post, I will tell you how our 4-year experience of finding the best expired domains was the foundation of SEO.Domains – the best expired domains finder tool in the world. Meanwhile, if you want quality expired domains from any country, just search for them!

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