The Advantages of ccTLD Domains

The advantages of country-code top level domains

You probably wonder why we offer so many expired ccTLD domains when most clients want .com domains with metrics such as DA 20+, Majestic Trust Flow 10+, Referring domains 15+.

Well, we could send you a list of 1000 expired .com domains to choose from, and guess what? The majority of them will be spammed. Even filtered from 200 million expired domains, the best 1000 would still suck. We cannot create what doesn’t exist. What good is a domain with high Trust Flow if it’s still spam?

What Are ccTLD Domains?

CcTLD stands for Country Code Top-Level Domain. It shows both users and search engines in what country is a website registered. Besides a country, this extension can also stand for a sovereign state or a dependent territory where this site resides.

For example:

  • Kingdom
  • https://www.domain.grGreece
  • https://www.domain.romania
  • Union

Country code top-level domains normally use the ISO 3166-1 country codes. There are just a few exceptions of this rule, where ASCII identifiers are utilized – for example, .uk instead of gb.

Pros of ccTLD Domains

The best PBN experts in the world, some of whom are customers of ours, are now buying country domains, with .gr being a favorite. It’s one of the many ccTLDs where expired domains have:

  • renewal fees as cheap as .com
  • complete Whois privacy by default
  • easy management
  • original content in English for 40% of domains

And to be fair, Google doesn’t really care about the history language of the domains.

In terms of international SEO, ccTLDs are the best way to show both search engines and users that this site and its content are targeted to a specific country, but not necessarily a certain language. When your site uses a ccTLD, Google presumes that your site and its content are relevant to the location targeted by the ccTLD and it should show on SERPs in this specific area.

Why We Believe in the Power of ccTLD Domains

You can look around and pay for as many low-quality services for expired .com domains as you like, but the truth is – there is barely anything left out there. This is something we at SEO.Domains realized over 2 years ago. We have an almost complete database of all the expired domains in the world and we can literally see it.

If you put all expired .com and .gr in a single pool and take out the best 500 expired domains, you will have 500 .gr domains. And guess what? They will be gone in no time.

The same goes for, .de, .nl, .be, .es, .it and everywhere else. There is nothing good left in .fr already. The expired domain industry sells all the domains expired within the last 15 years at a great speed and not enough domains expire every day to fill the gap (of course all the high authority SEO domains are being caught at the drop).

So hurry up and get your share of quality ccTLD before somebody else beats you to the race.

To learn even more about ccTLD, check out this video:

Image credit: Vladislav Klapin

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