Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

You can browse and download our complete expired domains list at our website. Access to our inventory is free for all registered users and lets you see a catalogue of over 15,000 available expired domains in nearly all TLDs.

At the SEO Domains Marketplace, we categorize each name into two main categories and show you a description of its backlinks and history. This saves tons of time in the initial reviewing of potential choices in the domains list and lets you find exactly what you’re looking for. We also keep the choices rich by adding hundreds of new names every week. То keep track of our latest additions and join a community of 5,000+ professional SEOs, subscribe to our newsletter below!

Yes, we’d be glad to help find the best expired domain for you. Here’s what our team can do for you:

  • Find domains in your exact market and niche;
  • Save you time in navigating the list;
  • Answer questions about domains, TLDs, transfers, and more.

Contact us here for inquiries and support!

Please note that our team operates at full capacity and is available at your disposal between 8:00-19:30 EET Monday – Friday excluding any Public Holidays (Christmas, Orthodox Easter, etc).

Any requests or orders submitted outside of those hours can be processed with minor delays depending on the availability of operatives.

You can also check our thorough guide “How to Find SEO Domains”.

It’s easy to be confused on this matter, as it’s not as simple. Google sees most auctioned domains, such as the ones from or Snapnames auctions, as expired ones, and vice versa. If you rephrase the question accurately – “Does Google know that the domain expired and changed owners?”, the answer is no, not for 90% of our domains. Complete WHOIS privacy is one of the strongest advantages of ccTLD domains.

Yes, you can read more about our affiliate program and apply for it here.

We also have a reseller program with amazing benefits.

Yes, all our expired domains for sale are already registered with us. This benefits you as a client in many ways:

  • Guaranteed domain transfer and management;
  • Precise traffic statistics for each name;
  • TLD know-how.

It’s actually not that bad since:

  • Expired domains with traffic generate constant revenue.
  • Most domains sell within the first year.
  • ccTLD domains renewal fees are mostly cheaper and have better deals .

All of this makes our model sustainable – we can offer you authority domains for a good price forever, being independent of the frenzy of auctions.

The fact that we bought the name in the first place guarantees there is a good way to register and manage the domain. Have no worries, no matter how messy the TLD seems – we know the best way to transfer, register and manage it.

There’s no single tool we can recommend. The general Holy Trinity of inspecting expired domains are:

  • Google “site:” operator to check the index;
  • to see the domain’s history;
  • Ahrefs to inspect the backlinks.

Moz spam score means nothing when choosing domains. It’s a weak correlation metric tested on samples of live websites and cannot be applied to domains with no content at all.

Yes, there are over 500 high trust flow domains in our list, you can see their prices here. Keep in mind, Majestic TF isn’t a reliable metric (Ahrefs domain rating is better and Moz DA is much better) so there are plenty of good ones among the ones with lower TF.

No, unfortunately we do not offer assistance with backordering domains at the moment.

We don’t block the Wayback machine, so you’re able to find many domains that you can restore.


The creation date at any ccTLD isn’t of any particular interest for Google, they monitor mostly com/net/org domains.

There are also some super safe country domains that don’t have a creation date at all so Google will not be able to check it, ever.

Examples of TLDs without creation dates are:

  • .eu
  • .gr
  • .de
  • .at
  • .ch
  • .al
  • .il
  • .nz
  • .ae
  • .lv

After GDPR went into effect, Whois is completely private for most ccTLDs. You can find more detailed information in this video guide for ccTLD SEO domains.

Yes, we add hundreds of new .com, .net, .org domains every week, you can see them on our website. We don’t restrict ourselves to them, however. In our 10 years on the market, we’ve found ccTLDs are much cheaper, cleaner and provide the same kind of authority. TLDs that work for Global/US websites are .com / .net / .org / .info / .io / .co / .me / .to / .fm / .la / .st / .cx and we have plenty of them.

No, the age for or other ccTLDs is never reset (Whois is not so easy to check there and Google doesn’t bother).

Have in mind, you can use many TLDs as a US TLD, as is the global Google. We’ve found ccTLDs with a history in English to work just as well for the Global/US market – .io / .co / .me / .to / .fm / .la / .st / .cx are some great examples. What’s more, the Price/Quality ratio is much better for ccTLDs!

All the domains in the list are already registered so you’ll have absolutely no problems with that.

Most ccTLDs are cheaper or similar to .com. Prices differ a lot from those that cost less than .com (.uk .eu .it and many more are cheaper) to ones that cost more.

Higher TLD prices are always matched with high quality and higher-priced domains too so in comparison with the power you get, renewal is not that much.

95% of the domains on the list have no restrictions. 5% have restrictions on owner change only – you can buy and fully use and control and manage the domain but it will have our name or another name in Whois. It will be shared on so many domains though that the risk is low someone will find your PBN via this.

We use many different registrars and all of them are good and reliable. If you choose domains from the same TLDs you will end having them in the same registrar (mostly). Many domains like can be moved for free so you will be able to choose any registrar that supports them. We’ll still give you advice though.

We use about 250 registrars but many have just a few domains. Usually, even for a very big order of mixed TLDs (eg. 500 domains), you’ll need no more than 20 registrars to receive all the domains easily.

Orders & Payments

  1. Set up a free account at
  2. Use the filter to find suitable domains.
  3. Add the domains to your cart and order.
  4. Track your email for a response.
  5. Choose a payment method and make the purchase.
  6. Receive an invoice.
  7. Choose a registrar for your domain or wait for an authorisation code.
  8. We make the transfer!

Domain transfers depend on the TLD, so our domain experts will see the transfer all the way through. For more information, read our Domain Transfers FAQ section.


  • Bank Wire Transfer (no fees)
  • Transferwise (no fees)
  • PayPal (5% fee)
  • Credit Card via Stripe (3.5% fee)
  • Dan Escrow (5% fee)

Prices exclude VAT. If you reside in the EU and aren’t a VAT-registered business, 20% VAT will be added.



  • Payment info is to be provided within 24 hours in standard working hours (or 48 hours during weekends/public holidays);
  • Exceptions can be made for key accounts/large orders/specific customer requirements;
  • Customers have 14 days to complete the payment and purchase. If payment is not completed within the set period, the order will be canceled and the domain released back.
  • The sales team will have 3 contacts – 1st when sending the payment info/proforma, 2nd is 3 working days later, 3rd is 2 days before the cancelation date.

Example: Order is made on the 12th of January and the period is 14 days:

  • 1st contact is on the 12th of January;
  • 2nd contact is on the 17th of January;
  • 3rd contact is on the 24th of January.

We have no problem to use if a client covers all associated fees. Paypal’s buyer guarantee is good enough for most of our clients, making it the more popular choice, but we don’t mind using Escrow.

The wide variety of TLDs transfers has to be overseen to avoid bad registrar choice or a push when transfer locks are in place.

There are no restrictions for owners of domains.

Yes, we can send the invoice in advance after you send us your company details including VAT number if any.

Domain Transfers

The domains will be pushed to your accounts at the best possible registrars. We’ll provide all the help needed for this process, there is nothing complicated and most won’t require any action from your side. Some transfers, like .com transfers, are paid because they include a period extension.

Transfers and pushes are done in most cases in a couple of hours. Some transfers can take up to 5 days, but this is rare. If the transfer isn’t finalized after we release a domain or give you an authorisation code, it’s never a bad idea to contact your registrar support for help.

The time for a .uk domain transfer to be complete depends on the registrar you use. We recommend – a free, easy and fast process.

You can create an account there and send us your account email address. We will push everything you bought right away. Then you can change name servers and use the domains. Whois is private and you don’t need to change anything but if you do, change just the email. We strongly advise you – DO NOT use fake names and addresses for UK domains.

The domain Whois for almost all of our domains is private by default. If you keep the registrant a private person it should remain the same way. We advise against changing Whois data unless it’s really needed, especially for names.

You can keep the current holder (nothing is visible in Whois anyway). If you are prompted for an ID number, we’ll provide it.

Most common domains like .com,, etc. can be easily transferred around to your favorite registrar. Some weirder TLDs better be pushed in the registrar where they are currently, which is the best one. Creating a new account is easy while solving transfer issues to a wrong registrar can be a nightmare. Registrar size is not of any significance, eg. Godaddy is a terrible registrar to transfer many TLDs to.

There are many other registrars on the market with larger TLD support, so why try to move ******* to GoDaddy?

The registrars we already use are reliable, cheap and we personally know their owners, even for the big ones. That means if there’s ever a problem, we’ll make sure it’s solved! We try to steer clear of “too big to care” types of companies for managing our domains. See our list of recommended registrars in the answer to the next question.

For gTLDs we recommend:

  • Dynadot – it offers good prices, privacy and an API service;
  • NameSilo – a popular and secure choice;
  • InternetBS – gTLD support is just as good as more popular registrars, with the added bonus of support for many ccTLDs as well;

For more exotic ccTLDs, we recommend:

  • Netim;
  • NameISP;
  • Subreg;
  • Mrdomain;
  • INWX;

Yes, most registrars have this option. In some exceptional cases our registrars are very reseller focused and you won’t be able to create an account under good terms (eg. for good pricing they will need 1000 domains under management). In such cases, we’ll give you transfer instructions to a retail-friendly registrar.

ccTLD WHOIS is not monitored by Google, for other domains you can always change the Updated date by changing your Name servers back and forth.

About the List

About every 7 days. We also publish daily listings of freshly caught domains for enthusiastic buyers.

We take into consideration the following factors:

  1. Name – the vast majority of value among all existing domains is in the name itself. was sold for 30 million USD last year and it was not because of the links.
  2. Traffic (all sources, not just Google) – we randomly got a domain with 2 referring domains and zero Google traffic that turned out to be a typo of a popular local website in a high CPC niche. Parking revenue in 2 years was $20000+. It’s very hard to get good traffic domains under the market price (harder than domains with links for sure).
  3. SEO value – it’s more than metrics and no one can tell you what it is without seeing the exact domain. Many domains tend to have SEO value but it’s typically low (about the number of referring domains in $ is a very crude average for the average quality of links). Domains with high-quality links, clean history, and lucrative niches can cost many times more.

There are 2 possible reasons. For one, you might not be fully familiar with the market in some niches and countries. Buyers want different things in a domain and are ready to pay differently for each one depending on their beliefs. Low supply and high demand in niches like iGaming and CBD can lead to a huge increase in market prices.

What’s more, we sell expired domains with traffic at a price higher than our profit from parking ads.

In general, we try to price exactly according to quality. Google can be very random however, so it’s normal to see big fluctuations in performance. The best you can do is add up your own observations about niches and link profiles in time. We’d love to hear about it so feel free to contact us for domain feedback.

We know most of our competitors guarantee clean domains but their stock is simply much less than our 19000+ domains. While we do our best to check everything, with such volume the best advice we can give is to also check the domains yourself. Different buyers have different criteria and some niches (Gambling, Adult) can tolerate much more spam than others.

95% of the domains are indexed in Google and for sure do not have a Google penalty. For the past we cannot fully guarantee as there were previous owners, etc. but we try to buy clean ones only. We’ll refund a domain with a “pure spam” penalty at the moment of purchase but this is all we can promise – the rest is your job to check.


These are the following types of PBN domain buyers in regard to investment. There are those who:

  1. Look for available expired domains – this strategy is becoming increasingly harder to sustain for large scale SEO.
  2. Use a drop list or software – a bit better than the above but still hardly good enough.
  3. Buy cheap PBN domains from marketplaces.
  4. Invest their budget in quality authority domains.

The effect of each strategy depends entirely on the market and the corresponding budget. Whether you’re looking for domains on the cheap or bigger investments, our team is available to help you choose a PBN domain at

301 redirects for expired domains are not an exact science, things change all the time and you have to test.

Some of the more interesting ways to do it:

  • Redirect to your HTML sitemap.
  • Redirect to a post about acquiring the redirected domain.
  • Redirect to a subdomain and link your homepage from there.
  • Redirect to a guest post or blog platform linking your money site.
  • Rebuild the old website before a redirect.
  • Put the content of your money site on the redirected domains, make a canonical, and if Google recognizes it, make a 301 redirect.

Not only are they suitable, but affiliates actually make up a huge portion of our client base. We’ve got two types of domains you can build your affiliate site on:

In many cases, we have both. We categorize all our domains in niches and all of them have descriptions with keywords, which makes finding a domain incredibly easy for you. Simply fill in your search at our online marketplace:

We’ve gotten very good at finding domains when it seems like there aren’t any. Some options are:

  • Buy domains with links in your country of interest, even if the TLD doesn’t match.
  • Buy domains in the same language in global TLDs. We’re more than likely to have some, you can start by looking at our website.
  • Buy domains from any country and mix them with your other ccTLD (.de, .nl, etc) domains.

Buy and 301 redirect name.TLD (with a good link profile) to a freshly bought or and use the latter for the PBN.

Both can work well. Rebuilding from the Wayback machine, if possible, is considered safer from an SEO perspective.

While we’re focused on domains and it’s what we’ll always be best at, we’ll soon be releasing a new product – a large-scale website rebuilder. Feel free to contact us and find out more!

You can use one account per registrar without any problem. Usually, account data and Whois data are separate.

For country domains, the registrar is not a factor that Google looks at, so SEO value will be preserved in case of transfer. Only .com and similar domains have this issue.

On this matter, you can read our complete guide on PBN domain hosting. Hosting domains you’ll be using for a PBN is not as hard

We usually recommend BulkBuyHosting* or you can host yourself on different shared hosting.

*Disclaimer: This section features several affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links (at no extra cost for you).

For the content of PBN blogs, Topcontent* provides good quality content at a decent price.

*Disclaimer: This section features several affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links (at no extra cost for you).

If you find the right name you can also use it as a money site.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer SEO consulting at the moment. We’ve got many domain experts and know the best of the best SEOs in the world but your project needs an SEO professional who can dive deeper than our limited time allows us to.

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